Vince Adams
Vince Adams
for Benton County Comissioner

Vince Adams for Benton County Commissioner

Build Community

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Commissioner Anne Schuster, Benton County Commission Chair

I have known Vince Adams for many years—through Sustainability and School Board venues.

I support Vince for Benton County Commissioner. He appreciates that counties matter.

He is the Coordinator for the Rural Explorer program within OSU Extension. This means he is familiar with a myriad of county issues.

He is a valued member of the Benton County 2040 Thriving Communities Council. This means he understands where we are headed as a county.

He has younger children. This means he has great, personal investment in where we head as a county.

Vince is knowledgeable, friendly, engaged, and dedicated to Benton County. 

Anne Schuster

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Director Sami Al-AbdRabbuh, Corvallis School Board  Vice-Chair

Vince Adams brings his passion and care for to his work. Being his vice chair of Corvallis School District gave me a front seat into seeing how he cares about the community, and how he grounds his decisions to what's best for all of our students. His leadership on the board is phenomenal, and always stay true to his values. I endorse Vince for County Commissioner because of how he focuses on what is best for the community and the sustainability of its growth.

I urge you to meet with Vince, talk to him about his vision, and I hope you will join me in supporting Vince Adams for Benton County Commissioner.



XAN AuGEROT, Benton County Commissioner, Incoming Chair 


ED JUNKINS, MD, director

Corvallis School Board


Terese Jones, director

Corvallis School Board


Jay Conroy, director

Corvallis School Board


Sara Finger McDonald, Director

Corvallis School Board

  • Rev. Matthew Gordon, Minister

  • Kevin Ahern, Educator

  • Paul Smith

  • Our Revolution - Corvallis Allies

  • Jim Swinyard, Retired Benton County Sheriff

  • Richard Hervey, Former Corvallis Council President


Meet Vince

I believe in community building. Places that have strong community ties are better able to determine their own paths forward. Benton County is a community of leaders and innovators. There is no reason why we cannot build a bright future if we work together.


Benton County should be a leader in fostering the health and wellbeing of each resident. We should leverage our culture of healthy living to extend the benefit of living here to all.



We need to learn to live within the ability for the environment to support our communities. It is our responsibility to find a way to grow that enriches our natural legacy.


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Our economic development effort should use a regional approach that leverages local ownership and production, inspires entrepreneurship, and results in a resilient business community.


Every hard working person in Benton County should be able to access an affordable place to call home.

We have to work together
— Vince



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